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My internet crashed for like 1 hour (huge rain storm outside) and I had no choice but making a million icons. I dont think I've ever made so many icons in such a short period of time lol. I hope you like them.
Feel free to friend me and comments always make me smile. Oh, also I changed the header and my userpics woot, hope you like.

♥ (18) Carrie Underwood
♥ (09) Colbie Caillat
♥ (14) Sarah Bolger
♥ (22) Ashley Greene
♥ (35) Twilight 


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The Million Graphics Entry

Yesterday was probably the most boring day of my life. Seriously. I just sat here and made lots of graphics. WOOT WOOT what an exciting life i have *rolleyes*. Today hasn't been very different, but I'm on a better mood for some reason..probably cause it's oscars day Yay! hehe.
Anyways, I dont have a lot to say so ..here we go:

♥ (23) Juno
(32) Ellen Page
(32) Gaspard Ulliel
(38) Twilight (Promos + Quotes)
(28) Taylor Swift
♥ Some Wallpapers

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ICONS: Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart, Cutlass, The Nanny Diaries

Finally got in an icon mood! yay. I've been so uninspired lately that even though they're not my best, I'm pretty proud. BTW, photobucket is on my list ¬¬ , It wont let me upload more than 2 icons at once! GAH!! So annoying ¬¬ .
I saw The Nanny Diaries the other day and I HAD to make icons of such a cute movie haha. Scarlett is so great in it and Nicholas Art is a total cutie.
Also, I'm becoming a huge Kristen Stewart fan. I remember looking her up when I first saw Cutlass, I thought she was pretty amazing in that and noticed she was in a few stuff I had seen and loved. I'm so happy she's playing Bella in Twilight...I think she's perfect for the role. So I've been watching some clips of her and idk, I think she's cool . and I had to make icons too hahaha.
K, I'm boring you guys with my blabling....just go check the icons and let me know what you think. I'm pretty sure Tay's batch is my fave. Not so sure about the Cutlass one.

♥ (23) CUTLASS

Most Textures by xswaniconsx


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I haven't posted icons in so long!! Wow. But I got inspired yesterday and made tons. I always find it hard to make CSI icons cause the caps are so darkish and blueish, its just ahskljdhkaj, but these came out quite nice, so I'm pretty proud. They're mostly from episode Goodbye and Good Luck, which almost made me cry. Who's gonna miss Sara??? MEEE!!!!. Sheesh, I can't believe she's gone ='(.
Also made TOOONS of Pushing Daisies icons. I fell in love with that show (thanks Ma! ) So cute!. The characters are great! and the whole show has this "magic" touch, it's just adorable and funny at the same time. Absolutely love it. Some of the icons came out OK, some didn't ...idk, I'm posting them all anyway cause I can't even decide which ones I like and which ones I don't haha. Oh, and some Anna Friel icons cause she's amazing. Yep.
So anyway, here we go :

025 CSI "Goodbye & Good Luck"
044 Pushing Daisies Misc & Quotes
009 Anna Friel


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PS: Happy 10th birthday to my sweet little Payton <3 and happy "Day After Birthday" to my dearest Dani <3.
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More Icons (no spoilers)

And here come the other icons. I'm pretty proud of these. Does anybody else think that Clemence Poesy and Claire Danes look a little alike???. I really do.However, they're both gorgeous, that's for sure.
Hope you like these..and don't forget to check out my previous entry if you've read HP7 already, or if you don't mind being spoiled.

- 20 Claire Danes
- 18 Clemence Poesy
- 27 Misc Harry Potter


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Harry Potter Quotes and Suff Icons

These are just too fun to make, so I made lots, some of them suck, some of them I actually like. It was my first time with this kind of icons, so I'm quite happy with them. I'm making another entry with 'regular' icons after I finish with this one, cause some of these contain huge spoilers.
They're mostly from DH and OOTP , but there's some other stuff there too.

-40 Misc Harry Potter Quotes and Stuff. SPOILERS!!


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HP Icons

Sorry guys, I promise my HP obsession will go away eventually. In the meantime you'll have to "read me" talking about it, or tell me what you think about my HP graphics :D.
Yesterday I made:

*36 Harry Potter Movies Icons
*10 Emma Watson Icons (To Siobhan especially (;)

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I might make some more later but I have some homework I want to do before winter break is over :( .
Hope you like them.
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Icons again! yay :P . These are not my best, but I HAD To make some after watching CSI's season finale. If you are a spoilers-are-evil psycho (like me), you shouldnt look at them, I don't think they are too spoiler-ish (?) though.
Oh, I almost forget! these are especially for my friend Dani cause she made me discover CSI.
OK, here we go:

*30 CSI 7x24 "Living Doll" Icons:


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